Thursday, July 21, 2011


Another day is coming to a close here in Xela.

I thought I would share this picture with you all. Its the view from the roof of the house where I am living. What can be seen in this picture is the city of Xela, nicely packed together and nestled comfortably in the mountains. I think that where I am living provides one of the nicest views in the city.

I was going to travel to Chiapas, Mexico this weekend, but I came down with a pretty ornry cold that will not go away. Unfortunately I will not be able to see one of Glenmary's students. I think it is wise though, that I stay in.

It has been a treat for me here, but also very challenging, in that once someone finds out I am a deacon in the Catholic church they really, really want my ear. People seem to feel quite blessed to have the attention of a clergy person--even if the clergy person really needs help with his Spanish.

I guess in ministry availabilty is always a really important thing.

More to come later. Pray that I am able to guardar mi salud...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Maestra

Just thought I would add a picture of my teacher for you all to see. She is great. Thanks be to God she has patience with my Spanish. She is not afraid to correct me for sure!!

Today we went to a choolateria. Basically judging by the name you can guess it is a place where one can really taste some nice treats. I think for three dollars I had more chocolate than I have eaten in a year.

So many people are sick around here. This is there winter season and so many people have colds and strep. I hope I dont get anything but judging by the circumstances it is quite likely.

More later...

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Monday, July 18, 2011


Changing scenery:

I am amazed at how human beings are capable of change. For instance, two weeks ago I was making my way through Kenya, completely loving my experience, but often clinging on to my life. Following this experience I was back in the USA showering with super hot water, destroying a Chipotle burrito, and sprawling out on a queen size bed in my own, quiet room, with the AC on high and the clean sheets over my head. Now, I am in Xela with a new temporary family whom speaks little English if any, I've grown accustomed to cold showers, I rejoice in normal bowel movements (sorry for TMI), and I have started dreaming in Spanish! And the picture above is my room for the next month or so. I guess I have learned a few things thus far:

I really need to work on my hospitality. The people I have encountered are far more hospitable than I will ever be able to be. (thanks host families)

There are really great people in this world. I can't let the few unpleasent ones get to me.

I am able to live without just about anything--but I am quite happy when I have clean food, water and wi-fi.

I am much closer to God out of my element rather than in.

I am forever thankful for the prayer of the Church even tho sometimes I dont want to pray it.

Everyone goes through struggles, some of which are far greater than those I will ever experience--i must be more grateful for what I have been given.

I need about five percent of the things I own.

I really need to do a better job not to waste.

I could go on but the Breviary is calling my name. More later if anyone out there is readimg this!

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